We have developed our own software to process data through many years’ experience.  Our suite of programs provides seemless end-to-end processing.  Each step is checked by one of our team.

We believe these ten factors are important in successful DP.

  • Comprehensive Briefing

  • Software Efficiency

  • Hardware

  • Attention to detail

  • Quality Control

  • Dependability

  • Communication

  • Accuracy

  • Experience

  • Value for Money

Processing Services

  • Checking and verifying input data vs the brief

  • Loading/parsing name and address data

  • Matching to Royal Mail PAF database to improve address quality

  • Deriving salutations to Debrett’s etiquette standards

  • Matching to external suppression databases

  • Deduplication to various levels within a hierarchy, using multiple phonetic and matchkey based algorithms

  • Identification of ‘multi buyers’ across cold lists

  • Fictitious/obscenity name screening

  • Removal based on geographic  location, name and address quality and  bespoke removal rules

  • Source code allocation per list, output file and other specific rules.

  • True random selection

  • Matching to Mailing Preference Service (MPS) files

  • Comprehensive reporting clearly shows how and why names have been removed, input file stats and deduplication matrix

  • Rapid Graphical User Interface for nett data splitting, coding  and output

  • Archival and deletion of customer and prospect data to comply with GDPR regulations